2019 Winners Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the

2019 ThoroEnduro Handicapping Challenge


1st Avatar AGamblingLife Active 2 United States Mill Valley, CA 1812.50
2nd Avatar kool like phil Active 5 United States muskogee, oklahoma 1416.80
3rd Avatar magicman Active 2 United States Durham, North Carolina 1397.70
4th Avatar valpookie Active 2 United States valparaiso, indiana 1350.60
5th Avatar kingpin Active 5 United States lincoln, Nebraska 1338.20
6th Avatar shaver44 Active 2 United States cleveland, ohio 1333.50

Most wins decided by Highest Bankroll

1st Avatar BigO Active 5 Not Specified 64
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Sunday, 18 November 2012 16:12
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  • ChallengeAdmin
    1 month ago

    Good Luck to everyone and thanks for playing this season. Happy Holidays to all!
    Challenge Admin

    trakfst Backatcha Admin, first class all the way.......
    "There's a full moon over Tulsa,
    I hope that it's shining on you.
    The nights are getting cold,
    In Cherokee County.
    There's a Blue Norther passing through.
    I remember green eyes and a ranchers daughter.
    But remember is all that I do.
    Losing you left a pretty good cowboy,
    With nothing to hold on to.
    Sundown came and I drove to town,
    And drank a drink or two.
    You're the reason God made Oklahoma,
    You're the reason God made Oklahoma.
    And I'm sure missing you,"
    _________________L. Collins
    1 month ago 2


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