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  • netsfan3
    1 hour 21 minutes ago

    Damn. I had my speakers off, and was trying to figure why I had no sound. I GOT SHUT OUT OF THE FIRST AT MONMOUTH. Of course, ALMOST PERFECT wired them at even money. My bad. No one seems to claim NAVARRO'S horses.

    Fuzzypants Why do you think that is?
    58 minutes ago
  • netsfan3
    2 hours 1 minute ago

    I don't understand. Hollandorfer is banned from Santa Anita, and the horse deaths continue. It's got to be something else?

    high plains swigger Horseracing P. Buttuello List of every horse that has perished in 2019 while in training or racing. Date of, track and reason if known. Scroll thru that.
    40 minutes ago
  • netsfan3
    2 hours 24 minutes ago

    Speaking of claiming races. there is the first at Monmouth Park today. Poor Shannon has the 1 for 56 SPEED RUNNING WILD 30/1 on the far outside. Will probably be over 70/1 at post time. #3 ALMOST PERFECT 5/2 will try to wire these. Will be hard to beat. Must put away the 10 without getting in a suicide speed duel.

    netsfan3 THE 10 HORSE IS SCRATCHED. Almost perfect 7/5 in early betting. SPEED RUNNING WILD 15/1 early. THAT'S CRAZY. HORSE HAS NO SPEED. A TINY BIT OF LATE FOOT.
    2 hours 4 minutes ago
  • Fuzzypants
    14 hours 34 minutes ago

    Congratulations to those 4 who swept the card tonight very nice picking very Well Done!

  • Fuzzypants
    16 hours 18 minutes ago

    Fuzzypants Many claims are void on thoroughbreds and yet still people try to claim them Standardbreds also .
    37 minutes ago
  • Fuzzypants
    20 hours 22 minutes ago

    Geezus what a terrible showing for Tribalist in the California Flag .

  • netsfan3
    23 hours 32 minutes ago

    Played 2 horses so far at Laurel's TVG MONEYBACK SPECIALS. One won at 1/2 odds. The other ran 2nd at 4/5. So, I get my bet refunded.

    netsfan3 Those were the only 2 races at Laurel I had past performances. Got to look at them because Graham Motion had horses in those races. Waiting for the 8th, 9th, and 10th AT Woodbine Harness. Might go watch Penn State football game.
    18 hours 35 minutes ago
  • netsfan3

    Been busy trying to fix the bed frame on a twin bed in the spare room. Been trying to teach the wife and daughter to gently place their butts on furniture for many years. The rear end is not a battering ram to hit furniture at a high rate of speed.

    Fuzzypants We talk about butt on bed yet when he puts his but on a fence it's seriously oh shit!
    16 hours 55 minutes ago
  • Fuzzypants

    For Saturday going with 12/4/9
    I have a very soft spot in my heart for Unusal Heat especially on the grass and that 9 year old is a war horse looking at all the money he's earned so I'm praying he has one more win kick in him.

    The 4 Asmusen claimed him for himself off a good horsemen Pish.

    The 9 she's made more money than any other horse and Von. Percentage going Dirt to turf ,

    Good luck !

    Fuzzypants Only one pro had the 10 in the last race picked and had it picked for 4th
    15 hours 6 minutes ago
  • Fuzzypants

    Congratulations to all of those that picked Zapit very nice picking!

    Fuzzypants Tvgold gave a very intelligent answer why he picked Zapit.
    Equi dyne you are right about the leader he's hit some huge pays, in these contest and this season particularly
    20 hours 42 minutes ago
  • howihuse

    do you get the feeling a certain person is a jockey or related to one

    Fuzzypants What ever gave you that idea ?
  • netsfan3

    The USUAL CREW is blubbering on about how wonderful all the longshots did on Friday. Only problem THEY didn't have them either.

    Fuzzypants I actually feel it's a very loose contest gives every one a real shot .
    The toughest contest is by far meadowlands and survival at the shore .
    20 hours 23 minutes ago
  • netsfan3
    2 days ago

    Shannon Uske a fine 2nd in the second race at Monmouth at the Meds. 14/1 horse from the far outside. She has 2 more longshot rides today. Those also are far outside horses.

  • Lincalis
    2 days ago

    Need better background checks eh. Seriously quite sad.…#

    high plains swigger I was kidded later that her action was akin to pillow talk where she came from. Another casualty of mustard mania!
    29 minutes ago
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    3 days ago

    Ginger Love the name
    yesterday 1
  • netsfan3
    3 days ago

    Screwing up what day it is saved me a few bucks. Just went to bet the first race at Harrah's Philly, and couldn't find the horse I liked. He ran on Wednesday, and finished second.

  • Fuzzypants
    3 days ago

    I love the pony horse of the 4 in the 8th race what a looker .

  • netsfan3
    4 days ago

    I made my picks this morning. Sinus problems have me napping at different parts of the day. Then I wake up numerous times at night. Thought the R.P. contest was tonight. Took the Mrs. for a flu shot at the CVS MINUTE CLINIC. Was bullshit. Told us she would have to wait 2 hours. She will get it for
    free at the primary dr. office.

    Fuzzypants Allergys are killing me I think it's some supposedly control burns ,
    But last wk with the power off 3 days we did have wind also .
    I'm lucky had some tomatoes left from neighbors garden made a wonderful salad with some Feta and Armenian Olives ,
    my neighbors has the best garden and her Father makes the best Olives it's like Christmas when he kicks me down a jar .
    He loves leg of lamb and one of my patients brings me lamb ,so I shared a leg of lamb with him.
    He's going to teach me how to put up Armenian olives.
    3 days ago