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  • nikki1021
    56 minutes ago

    I might cry tonite but I’m taking a shot and trying to move up in overall standings might cost the wins total but hey it’s only game and no I won’t really cry this has been a fun contest they give large prizes all the way to 7th and anyone can win with the lifelines gl all tonite

    JonuguyII Things could still break big your way...decent horses all !!
    46 minutes ago
  • Lincalis
    1 hour 34 minutes ago

    1-2-12 for the contest
    Good Luck all!!

  • netsfan3
    2 hours 32 minutes ago

    I'm not betting on anything until the 11th race at Northfield tonight. The #1 Chocolate Crackers at even money with Aaron Merriman looks very hard to beat. Might try the 1 over the 2 and 6 in the exacta. The 6 is 25/1 on the morning line. I think they have .10 supers there?

  • howihuse
    3 hours 55 minutes ago

    bridge jumper won that one he got his 10 cents to show

    Johnny B. Angry *pouring
    28 minutes ago
  • howihuse
    3 hours 59 minutes ago

    huge show bet came in on the entry maybe they'll yank them

  • howihuse
    4 hours 6 minutes ago

    entry is 1 to 5 lets try to beet them 6 or 2

  • howihuse
    4 hours 17 minutes ago

    considering two 2 to 1 shots came in 36 dollar double wasnt too bad

  • howihuse
    4 hours 19 minutes ago

    5 horse field someone bet a large amount to show on the 1 to 2 horse and comes out of the money

  • howihuse
    4 hours 25 minutes ago

    6 looks legit second at parx have to do some pick threes wont pay anything

  • howihuse
    4 hours 58 minutes ago

    5 looks good in paddock lets go with a 5 over 34 key tri throw the 7 to 5 out he looks like a pony

  • howihuse
    5 hours 2 minutes ago

    first race at parx the 2 came second last race so they make him a favorite gonna try to beet him with 4 and 5 in my doubles

    howihuse yeah 2 came dead last have a lot of doubles and pick threes with 5
    4 hours 45 minutes ago 1
  • netsfan3
    9 hours 7 minutes ago

    I'll bet there ain't a person in the stable who remembers the song TAKE A LETTER MARIA, except of course, ME. "Take a letter Maria, mail it to my wife. Say, I won't be coming home. Got to start a new life." What a piece of crap, that guy was in the song.

  • netsfan3
    9 hours 24 minutes ago

    First of all, the tie breaker rule is foolish. If I were one of the 2, I would suggest a deal to split the grand right now. Let's think out of the box, people. NIKKII and SERVIDIO could then play their $500 on a different one of my chalks to get close to the grand. Or, they could pocket the $500. DEAL OR NO DEAL, so to speak.

    netsfan3 My daughter is named Maria. I also played Maria's Mon in one of his first races.
    1 hour 25 minutes ago
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    Dear Players,
    This stables forum is meant for friendly chat and banter.
    Any player that breaches this rule will be disqualified from the contest and banned from all sites. We are all adults here. Please act this way.
    Let's keep it positive and happy thoughts.
    Thank you. Challenge Admin

    Fuzzypants We have not always been in a drought out here . Lol
    8 hours 20 minutes ago