2019 Winners Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the

2019 ThoroEnduro Handicapping Challenge


1st Avatar AGamblingLife Active 2 United States Mill Valley, CA 1812.50
2nd Avatar kool like phil Active 5 United States muskogee, oklahoma 1416.80
3rd Avatar magicman Active 2 United States Durham, North Carolina 1397.70
4th Avatar valpookie Active 2 United States valparaiso, indiana 1350.60
5th Avatar kingpin Active 5 United States lincoln, Nebraska 1338.20
6th Avatar shaver44 Active 2 United States cleveland, ohio 1333.50

Most wins decided by Highest Bankroll

1st Avatar BigO Active 5 Not Specified 64

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  • Ginger shared ChallengeAdmin's status
    1 month ago

    Thanks you too . this is my favorite contest

    Good Luck to everyone and thanks for playing this season. Happy Holidays to all!
    Challenge Admin
  • magicman
    1 month ago

    I had a great contest and was able to hang on without losing any more lucky horseshoes. I'm very happy to finish 3rd and will wait the notice on collecting my prize. It's a great Holiday present and will help us. I'll probably donate a bit to charity. Thanks to everyone who played. Congrats to all winners. Even those who got knocked out probably had a great time.

    tdreamer showvivor won't start until the 28th next week.
    no santa anits until then.
    called off next thurs and Friday because of expected bad weather.
    1 month ago 2
  • Dotheloop
    1 month ago

    It was a fun contest...

  • ron_jacobson
    1 month ago

    Another season comes to an end. I enjoy these contests and sorry to see them end.

    See most of you come Q contest.

    Hoping everyone has a happy and safe holiday season.

    See many of you next year

    ron_jacobson Quarter Horse handicapping contest in the spring. The HighQtest
    1 month ago
  • manosduras
    1 month ago

    Medina always finds trouble. The guy never gives me a good ride.

    David Juffet He's no Willie Shoemaker.
    1 month ago 2
  • Fuzzypants
    1 month ago

    God Steve and Carlos it's "MAGICAL"!!!!

    SR Vegas Lol !! Such a PGH

    I mentioned yesterday, how often does one see an asmussen horse go off at 25-1? (Rare Poppy -winner).
    Bingo ! Today another went off at 20-1 , Magical!
    Note to self.. look for the ‘other’ asmussen horse on high profile days . Could be a profitable angle for me in the future.

    I Had a blast playing here. Happy holidays and see ya’all around
    Congrats to those who finished at the top!!!
    1 month ago 2
  • manosduras
    1 month ago

    ahhhh AFLEET SNIPER killed my super hit. I wouldnt of had the 11 in 3rd either. was looking to withdraw a nice check that race. - feeling speechless

    Fuzzypants Sorry Mano.
    1 month ago 1
  • manosduras
    1 month ago

    lol Collection shows up today. I played him twice in this contest and he never panned out. didnt want the lead but jock change was strong.

  • WIN METHOD has liked WIN METHOD's Profile

  • manosduras
    1 month ago

    Few pre contest races I like for wagering

    Race 3 pk3

    The 4th race looks like a good .10 super race. Keying on the top end- PARADE FIELD


    manosduras 5 Parade Field Elliott S $10.60 $8.60
    1 month ago
  • manosduras
    1 month ago

    Final day and best of luck for those fighting the money line.

    9th- PINUP GIRL
    10th- SHE'S SHINEY
    11th- DAK DA MAN
    12th- SHOPLIFTED
    13th- LOOKIN AT LEE

    Hope to see a few of you on Santa Anita Showvivor.

    SR Vegas My picks:
    8th - #8 Caribbean Sea
    9th- #5 Rose of Malibu
    10th- #4 Country Daisy
    11th- #11 Cowboy Mischief
    12th- #8 Embolden
    13th- #5 Lookin at Lee

    Good luck !
    1 month ago 2
  • ChallengeAdmin
    2 months ago

    Good Luck to everyone and thanks for playing this season. Happy Holidays to all!
    Challenge Admin

    trakfst Backatcha Admin, first class all the way.......
    "There's a full moon over Tulsa,
    I hope that it's shining on you.
    The nights are getting cold,
    In Cherokee County.
    There's a Blue Norther passing through.
    I remember green eyes and a ranchers daughter.
    But remember is all that I do.
    Losing you left a pretty good cowboy,
    With nothing to hold on to.
    Sundown came and I drove to town,
    And drank a drink or two.
    You're the reason God made Oklahoma,
    You're the reason God made Oklahoma.
    And I'm sure missing you,"
    _________________L. Collins
    1 month ago 2
  • David Juffet
    2 months ago

    Last day so I'll say...... best play of the day Answer In the 12th. Worst play of the day Shotgun Cowboy in the 13th. Ask me why?

    SR Vegas Thx DJ. Will see you around the contest circuit
    1 month ago
  • Pogieman421
    2 months ago

    for old aquaintance be forgot, this is sad i have no contests to play

    Fuzzypants Aw Pogie Best of luck inthe future contest you seem to hold your own.
    1 month ago
  • Pogieman421
    2 months ago

    congrats to all the leaders, losers we'll get em next year

  • netsfan3
    2 months ago

    Went against WELDER, and as usual had the wrong longshot.

    David Juffet Hey Nets stay well and I'll catch-up to you in The Monmouth tournament or sooner.
    2 months ago 1
  • Fuzzypants
    2 months ago

    Wow what a horse "He Looks Hot"!
    Gorgeous !

  • Fuzzypants
    2 months ago

    What in the hell was that ??

    David Juffet Stay well Vegas, see you soon.
    2 months ago 2
  • atomic
    2 months ago

    Good Holladay to all, see ya in 2020,lol ka boom - feeling happy

    Fuzzypants You to Atomic have a great Christmas and New Years
    2 months ago 1