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    Quarter Horse
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Saturday, 15 March 2014 09:30
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  • Lincalis
    2 weeks ago

    My 30-1 in first contest race runs a respectable 3rd. No shoe worries eh... back to football! Good Luck all!!! 9-9-10-1-10-8

  • Lincalis
    4 weeks ago

    WIGGLEITJIGGLEIT 2nd as favorite. 6 a scratch in 7th tonite.... change your pick if you don't want favorite!

    high plains swigger The first sentence was all that was needed as I don't use any system these days. Clever comeback though. A little unsettling as it's something I might have responded with. Glad your in the game. Let's scroll down and see what else ya got.
    4 weeks ago