2019 Winners Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the

2019 ThoroEnduro Handicapping Challenge


1st Avatar AGamblingLife Active 2 United States Mill Valley, CA 1812.50
2nd Avatar kool like phil Active 5 United States muskogee, oklahoma 1416.80
3rd Avatar magicman Active 2 United States Durham, North Carolina 1397.70
4th Avatar valpookie Active 2 United States valparaiso, indiana 1350.60
5th Avatar kingpin Active 5 United States lincoln, Nebraska 1338.20
6th Avatar shaver44 Active 2 United States cleveland, ohio 1333.50

Most wins decided by Highest Bankroll

1st Avatar BigO Active 5 Not Specified 64
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David Juffet

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David Juffet

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014 13:25
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  • David Juffet
    1 month ago

    Last day so I'll say...... best play of the day Answer In the 12th. Worst play of the day Shotgun Cowboy in the 13th. Ask me why?

    SR Vegas Thx DJ. Will see you around the contest circuit
    1 month ago
  • David Juffet
    2 months ago

    The Cigar Mile at the Big A tomorrow is a really interesting 11 horse race.

    Fuzzypants SR Vegas the one is my paddock pick Lawd he looks like a beast!
    2 months ago 1