2018 Winners Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2018 ThoroEnduro Challenge

1st OmahaAk79 4 United States Omaha, Nebraska 1372.50
2nd bbaloha 2 United States Novato, CA 1334.90
3rd TMoore 5 United States Springdale, AR 1264.00
4th Batward 2 United States Sasakwa, oklahoma 1240.90
5th byaneck5 4 United States Houston, Texas 1229.40
6th magicman 1 United States Durham, North Carolina 1226.70
7th guru22 1 United States Palos Heights, Illinois 1222.90

 Most Wins

1st servidio 4 United States meadville, pennsylvania 68


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  • horse246
    8 months ago

    hey - won over $500 and made the top 1200 - these are remarkable statistics for the horse - met some nice fillies in the barn - hey life ain't all that bad

  • horse246
    8 months ago

    eliminated - kinda sarcastic way of tellin ya get lost - you been dumped from the contest - be nice if maybe a nicer way could be used like temporarily retired until the next contest or maybe - hate to see you go - hurry back next year - but you been eliminated from the contest - what are they really sayin deep down - you suck as a handicapper

    high plains swigger Don't sweat it horse. The difference in 200-300 places could be 1 winner over 175 races or so. Hardly defining.
    8 months ago
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