2019 Winners Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the

2019 ThoroEnduro Handicapping Challenge


1st Avatar AGamblingLife Active 2 United States Mill Valley, CA 1812.50
2nd Avatar kool like phil Active 5 United States muskogee, oklahoma 1416.80
3rd Avatar magicman Active 2 United States Durham, North Carolina 1397.70
4th Avatar valpookie Active 2 United States valparaiso, indiana 1350.60
5th Avatar kingpin Active 5 United States lincoln, Nebraska 1338.20
6th Avatar shaver44 Active 2 United States cleveland, ohio 1333.50

Most wins decided by Highest Bankroll

1st Avatar BigO Active 5 Not Specified 64
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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 19:05
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1 month ago
  • Pogieman421
    1 month ago

    for old aquaintance be forgot, this is sad i have no contests to play

    Fuzzypants Aw Pogie Best of luck inthe future contest you seem to hold your own.
    1 month ago
  • Pogieman421
    1 month ago

    congrats to all the leaders, losers we'll get em next year

  • Pogieman421
    2 months ago

    i cant get in to pick

    Fuzzypants Message Admin
    2 months ago
  • Pogieman421
    2 months ago

    last week even bombs cant catch gamblingl ife nice capping , but I still think hes a jockey in disquise

    Fuzzypants Agamblinglife I doubt is a jockey maybe retired one or just happens to be very astute at numbers finding value and taking a swing.
    I would bet AgLife life makes their own morning line on these cards , , this is not the first time I've seen AG LIFE do well and his piks and other contest actually remind me a lot of how Les Onka and Bob B who use to tout horses .
    Congratulations AGambling life your the best by far!
    2 months ago 2