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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 08:09
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1 hours 10 minutes ago
  • netsfan3
    2 hours 18 minutes ago

    I'm not betting on anything until the 11th race at Northfield tonight. The #1 Chocolate Crackers at even money with Aaron Merriman looks very hard to beat. Might try the 1 over the 2 and 6 in the exacta. The 6 is 25/1 on the morning line. I think they have .10 supers there?

  • netsfan3
    8 hours 53 minutes ago

    I'll bet there ain't a person in the stable who remembers the song TAKE A LETTER MARIA, except of course, ME. "Take a letter Maria, mail it to my wife. Say, I won't be coming home. Got to start a new life." What a piece of crap, that guy was in the song.

  • netsfan3
    9 hours 10 minutes ago

    First of all, the tie breaker rule is foolish. If I were one of the 2, I would suggest a deal to split the grand right now. Let's think out of the box, people. NIKKII and SERVIDIO could then play their $500 on a different one of my chalks to get close to the grand. Or, they could pocket the $500. DEAL OR NO DEAL, so to speak.

    netsfan3 My daughter is named Maria. I also played Maria's Mon in one of his first races.
    1 hour 11 minutes ago