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  • Bigliar952
    3 hours 36 minutes ago

    In regards to fly boys comments I have to admit in past contests I was always guilty also. My parents 91 and 93 always loved the horses especially watching on racing channel if thundermountain's horses ran it was one of my dads few joys he'd look at past performances here give me his picks and I indeed entered for him . I always said if a jock and trainer came in for one race he was there to win .123 has provided the family with a Lot of holiday jousting on every big holiday get together

  • Bigliar952
    3 hours 40 minutes ago

    Thanks for info horse246 I must have missed that about the Cajun maybe someone will post if it's true for a fast recovery .i haven't been in the stable in ages so I don't get up on the stable talk

  • Bigliar952
    4 hours 11 minutes ago

    No jonusguy is right not to show my age but I remember zipping home from school as 8 year old catching bill mazeroski home run to best the Yankees 1960 in seven games kids use to have transitor radios in class and teachers let u listen to game in study. Death to those night games

    JonuguyII I guess the big prime time advertising numbers are what gives the clubs the money to pay players zillions...but geeze... baseball, sunshine, the grass, the breeze...DAY baseball at Wrigley is a freakin' sensual experience. Even kid players gotta get the chills walking out on to that field the first time.
    3 hours 25 minutes ago
  • horse246
    4 hours 13 minutes ago

    hey cajunman - don't know how true it is - but just heard you're not doin so well - the horse always picked on you - he was only kiddin with ya - you better get out of that hospital real fast - the horse don't pray too much - but he sayin one for you -

  • netsfan3
    5 hours 50 minutes ago

    Kakaley and Marohn both at Pocono Downs Monday and Tuesday. Kakaley on a slew of Ron Burke horses. He better pick up the pace, or BURKE may fire MATT on the spot. THE LAW AND ORDER episode years ago about the interfering CUBS fan was one of the best. Death threats over a ball game. HOW SILLY CAN PEOPLE GET.

  • netsfan3
    6 hours 9 minutes ago

    SUNDAY RESULTS. Jim Marohn Jr. 2 victories at Pocono Downs, 5/1 and 3/1. Matt Kakaley zip once again, even though he was driving for the top harness trainer (RON BURKE). SORRY, BIGLIAR952. It is not even a close call. Kakaley should go back to Northfield.

  • Bigliar952
    15 hours 50 minutes ago

    If the stable gets tired of politics or name calling admin didn't say that fighting over the weather wasn't allowed wanna argue about the date of the first snowfall here in jersey

    JonuguyII Weather ? Here's my current weather problem....nice weather ( mid fifties / sixties ) for Fri /Sat/Sun in Chicago...of course at 7:30 at night , with no sun, it will be mid/ low 40's ... Let's play DAY GAMES !!! ( world series )
    13 hours 31 minutes ago 1
  • Bigliar952
    15 hours 53 minutes ago

    Netsfan thank u for your harness update even thou I would prefer. Piglet racing to harness racing. However kakley had 2 seconds as u mentioned at 71 to 1 and 15 to 1 against a 1to 5 and a 3 to 10 . Also a third at 7 to 1 also against a 2 to 5 . The most important thing is they were at the bigm moron jr can't even get a ride there with the big boys racing there even Yonkers wants no part of him he knows his place play at the freeholds and poconos hiding from the class riders

    netsfan3 Both Marohn Jr. and Kakaley were driving at Pocono on Sunday. Have not looked at results. Kakaley had a couple Burke favorites to drive.
    6 hours 19 minutes ago
  • tricky
    19 hours 10 minutes ago

    It is better to be thought a fool
    than to open your mouth and remove all doubts

    high plains swigger Hey tricky,you been talking to my dad?
    17 hours 22 minutes ago
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  • netsfan3
    23 hours 24 minutes ago

    Maybe I am reading the rules incorrectly. But, I believe the RULES say, this is a paraphrase. That each contestant must make his own picks. A certain contestant claims he is making picks for other family members. But, HE also chooses to post in the stable using them as cover for his own name

    netsfan3 Actually, the rules say that the use of a proxy is not allowed. I DON'T CARE IF THIS PERSON PUTS IN 3 PICKS EACH DAY. Only that he stops posting unwanted opinions laced with vitriol. We were asked to lay off the politics and name calling. I was admonished for name calling a non contestant, which I shall not do again. I don't use vulgarity against other players or name call them. I do say I don't agree with their opinion. Which to my mind is perfectly fine.
    23 hours ago
  • netsfan3
    23 hours 45 minutes ago

    By the way. Both Terry Stafford and Elvis Presley released "SUSPICION" BACK IN THE DAY. Never saw Elvis in Vegas. Sorry to say that. He remains THE KING.

  • netsfan3
    23 hours 58 minutes ago

    MEANMISTERMUSTARD FIRST. LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS SECOND. Am I HAVING beatle's flashbacks now? Now that I'm going to be 71 on Monday, they're talking about making pot legal in New Jersey. Have no idea what pot costs these days?

    high plains swigger How much you lookin to score
    20 hours 18 minutes ago 1
  • netsfan3

    Final Saturday night harness recap for BIGLIAR952. Maraohn Jr. 4 victories and 1 second at Pocono Downs. Matt Kakaley 0 victories and 2 seconds at the Meadowlands. RESULTS DO MATTER. Saturday Night Live was disappointing in the first half hour last night. Same old stuff.

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  • netsfan3

    Jim Marohn Jr. 3 wins tonight at Pocono Downs. 12/1, 3/1/ and 2.8/1 horses. Matt Kakaley no wins so far at the Big M. Harness easier to handicap than the flats? MUCH EASIER.

  • netsfan3


    netsfan3 Always take compliments when they are offered. In the present environment compliments don't come around often.
    23 hours 21 minutes ago
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  • netsfan3

    What the heck. Over and Under goes to post 4/1. Wins and pays even money. THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ME. I'M GONNA HAVE A BEER AND WATCH TELEVISION.

    netsfan3 FLYBOY: BIM BAM was not in the same race as UNDER AND OVER. In New Jersey a clerk is not supposed to cancel a bet over $500 without supervisory approval. Admittedly, with simulcasting it is more possible for a syndicate to screw around. Cancellation could occur anywhere. There was a scandal years ago, with harness races being manipulated. Harder to pull that crap at larger tracks. Yes, when I work at Monmouth I am keenly aware of late win money on the Monmouth races. I rarely watch Remington races. I happened to watch the 4th race only last night.