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  • cajuncatfish
    3 hours 23 minutes ago

    I`m safe whooo weee can`t believe it

    cajuncatfish YEP,sorry uncle jonu.
    3 hours 18 minutes ago
  • cajuncatfish
    3 hours 29 minutes ago

    Sounds like they ringing the dinner bell at the barn for me to eat and join them.

    preciousbunny your pick is 4-5 odds
    3 hours 26 minutes ago 1
  • atomic
    3 hours 45 minutes ago

    I just hit the Mohawk pick 6 and won the 123 contest. I bet a whooping total of of $2 gut shot 123 and $4.80 pick 6. The last 2 races were guts shots. Made a little over $200+ on $6.80 - feeling speechless

    atomic LOL no,,..6 out 6 paid $51.50. The 123 win paid $144
    31 minutes ago
  • cajuncatfish
    3 hours 48 minutes ago

    one more race until I say Happy trails to you

  • cajuncatfish
    4 hours 9 minutes ago

    16 more minutes til R8

  • cajuncatfish
    4 hours 24 minutes ago

    YAWNING so tired. - feeling tired

    cajuncatfish Yep been pushpoling water lillys out from around my dock this morning and took off boat trailer tires to get new ones,putting all my stuff in the new shed I built.splitting wood,chainsawing and just other stuff. cooking and cleaning,it never ends.
    4 hours 5 minutes ago
  • cajuncatfish
    4 hours 41 minutes ago

    good grief how can I stay up this late and watch the rest of it ?I love my coffee in the morning not at night,LOL

  • cajuncatfish
    5 hours 28 minutes ago

    yea looks like it will the first time I don`t make it through REM.on my way out.

    preciousbunny funny you say that Jonu ... I thought I had the 3 and I got the 4 horse ...OK for me
    4 hours 7 minutes ago 1
  • RAYWILLWIN U.S.A. Punters
    7 hours 14 minutes ago

    when ap beat me when I tried to beat him in other races by using keen ice, frosted and upstart I gave up trying to beat him? when I saw the 24 48 I knew something was up? that's horse racing. you figure it out?

    atomic yep...LOL
    6 hours 29 minutes ago
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    7 hours 59 minutes ago

  • Twinkletoes57 has changed their profile cover.

    8 hours 1 minute ago

  • atomic change U.S.A. Punters avatar

    11 hours 54 minutes ago

    JonuguyII Attaboy !! Get yerself up on a 4horse !!
    11 hours 39 minutes ago
  • atomic change U.S.A. Punters avatar

    12 hours 2 minutes ago

  • cajuncatfish
    12 hours 9 minutes ago

    Looks like I`m going on vacation again in Sept and Oct. Can`t wait,it was so fun two weeks ago we are going again.

    cajuncatfish Nah.Have a house sitter when I`m gone.
    11 hours 35 minutes ago 1
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  • WICKETY has changed their profile cover.

    14 hours 55 minutes ago

  • cajuncatfish

    nice Jonu.

    JonuguyII just lucky, caje....I've had so many horses " fizzle"...that I'm amazed when one keeps running or Lawd Almighty actually comes from behind !!!
    14 hours 48 minutes ago
  • cajuncatfish

    cant get the live streaming to come on here

    JonuguyII ..." cajuncatfish got it on "??? what kind of message is that ?? tsk, tsk.
    14 hours 46 minutes ago